Dog Agility Equipment Design Project

I would be pleased to receive a little feedback about this……..

My not so little children (3 girls) have said that I should post updates about my project work in the workshop showing pictures and short descriptions of products and projects being worked on

They think that it is a great way for them and others who may be interested to keep an eye on my activities, says he with a grin on his face, ‘oh’ well I am happy to go along with it but the big question I have is  would all my efforts be a wast of time, how many people would be interested ? what do you think ?

Cheers……….  DavidT

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Dog Agility Equipment Design Project

Hi to All – who are interested in the great activity of Dog Agility at whatever level you may be – this is my very first Blog post, please let my know what you think of it…….. thanks

I am at the beginer stage in Dog Agility – love it – with a great little lively Tebettan Terrier, this is just the begining of my entry into the activity, I cant belive how much energy I use when at classes and in the garden

I wanted my own equipment for use in the garden that I couls store and put out easily, so here is what I done ………

I have designed and manufactured a domestic range of agility equipment and have consulted with two very well known dog trainers who are delighted with the range for the inovative approach I have taken, the range is about to be launched next month Feb11

The picture below is the range to date in the garden, I have made a few additions and minor changes to improve matters

I now want to increase the range with the addition of 2 or 3 more items, this where I need help ! does any one out there have any idea or idea’s  of a item of equipment that they would like to see introduced into a dog agility range for the garden or paddock

I am prepared to prototype interesting ideas and give the prototype to the persons I am working with……… could this be you ?

It will be great to hear from you soon….. take care and cheers

David T

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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